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We all know parenting is not like math: there is no perfect solution to every equation—but there is Love and Logic’s Online Parenting Course, which uses decades of clinical experience to teach you the most effective parenting methods for nearly any situation.

Our parenting course is filled with scientifically proven methods to overcoming these obstacles so you can raise healthy, happy, well-rounded kids.


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Discover Proven Methods to Effective Parenting

Every parent knows there are good days and bad days. What can be difficult to figure out is 
how to get through and overcome the bad ones. What do you do when your child won’t listen? Won’t go to bed? Doesn’t want to pick up their toys or complete their chores? Love & Logic has professionally developed solutions to all these issues and more.

Parenting Online, created by Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D., founders of Love & Logic, tackles the everyday obstacles of parenting to break down how you can better understand and overcome issues as they arise.


Dive Into What You'll Discover

Putting an End to Arguing, Back Talk and Begging

  • Learn the value of a little arguing
  • Discover the importance of building your relationship
  • Break bad back-talking and begging habits
Teaching Responsibility Without Losing Their Love

  • Understand the difference between affordable and unaffordable mistakes
  • Learn the power of empathy
  • Learn to make empathy more natural for you and your child
Setting Limits Without Waging War At Home

  • Discover the power of enforceable statements
  • Learn how to turn your words into gold
  • Engage in our strategic training session
Avoiding Power Struggles & Teaching Good Decisions

  • Share control: learn how to provide choices with limits
  • Learn effective vs. ineffective choices
  • Discover how freedom is learned
Guiding Kids to Own and Solve Their Problems

  • Discovery how to teach the gift of problem solving
  • Learn what to tell your child when they experience bullying (aka: "they're calling me names!)
  • Figure out what's right—and wrong—with common situations
Teaching Kids to Complete Chores—Without Reminders or Pay

  • Teach how and why kids need to contribute to the family
  • Learn what to do when contributions aren't made
  • Discover how to ensure children don't view family members as hired hands

You Get So Much More!

Our Parenting Audio Downloads are filled with useful knowledge to help you navigate parenthood—a $50 value 

BONUS #1: Four Steps to Responsibility

You want your child to grow into a caring, responsible adult. Our first audio session gives you a four-step approach to turn your child’s mistakes and misbehaviors into opportunities to learn and build self-esteem.

BONUS #2: Helicopters, Drill Sergeants and Consultants

What kind of parent are you? We’ll show you how each parenting style sends a strong message to your child about what they are, or are not, capable of.

BONUS #3: Oh Great! What do I do now?

As a parent, you have to be ready for anything—and that’s not easy. Dr. Charles Fay will give you practical, effective advice to help you roll with the punches.

BONUS #4: Sibling Rivalry

The adage goes, we always hurt the ones we love. You know your kids love one another, but they may not always act that way. Learn practical tips to help you keep the peace and share the love.

BONUS #5: Keeping Cool when Parenting Heats Up

Kids push your buttons, walk the line, and can make you downright mad. Dr. Charles Fay and longtime parenting trainer, Leah Wells, share tips on how you can stay calm and release the tension—even when you’ve run out of patience.

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Meet Your Instructors

Jim Fay

Jim is the co-founder of The Love and Logic Institute and co-author of the bestseller, Parenting with Love and Logic. He has also published several other books, including, Love and Logic Teacher-isms, Taking the Stress Out of Raising Great Kids, and Calming the Chaos: Behavior Improvement Strategies for the Child with ADHD. He is committed to helping parents learn how to raise well-behaved children who are caring, compassionate, and happy.

Charles Fay, Ph.D.

As a parent, consultant, skilled public speaker, and internationally recognized author for such works including, Parenting Kids to Become the People Employers Really Want—and America Desperately needs, How to Make the Best of Sibling Rivalry, and, From Bad Grades to a Great Life! Unlocking the Mystery of Achievement for Your Child. Charles uses his vast expertise in child development to help parents on their journey to raising kids.

One Course Can Lead to a Lifetime of Benefits

When you put in a little time learning, the rewards are endless. Enroll today and get the course, plus bonus materials, all for less than the cost of dinner out with the family.

One Course Can Lead to a Lifetime of Benefits

When you put in a little time learning, the rewards are endless. Enroll today and get the course, plus bonus materials, all for less than the cost of dinner out with the family.

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